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Survey of Employers in APEC Economies

The first goal of the project is developing an APEC-wide framework to describe global talent and its requisite elements. It will be done through a survey of APEC SMEs on their definition of and requirements for global talent, defined as linguistic and cultural human capital.

This survey builds on a previous survey conducted by the Joint National Committee for Languages and the Michigan State University Collegiate Employment Research Institute in the United States, and a second iteration of the survey in the United Kingdom. Read the U.K. survey results.

U.S. Survey Results

Preliminary results of the U.S. survey show significant findings:


The U.S. findings have been reported on in preliminary form to APEC and to external stakeholders. A slide deck of these results is available below. A final report of all data will be available when the survey of other APEC economies is concluded and analyzed. The survey is currently underway in several APEC economies. Check the results page periodically for updates about the survey progress and a digest of the results.


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